Free key value storage

Do you need to quickly store some amount of data for your next project, app or script, without having to configure or buy a fully-fledged database?

Keyval is made for you. Quickly get, store and update information, thanks to an easy-to-use REST api, for free.

                # create an account
curl \
-X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"name": "BUCKET_NAME", "email": "[email protected]"}'

# store some information
curl \
-X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: API_KEY' \
-d '{"foo": "bar"}'

# retrieve stored information
curl \
-H 'Authorization: API_KEY'

# list keys
curl* \
-H 'Authorization: API_KEY'

# delete some data
curl* \
-X DELETE -H 'Authorization: API_KEY'

An easy to use API

Keyval is easy to use, and accessed through a RESTFUL API, anyone can use.

With Keyval, no need to learn or new technology or framework, just tell us via HTTP what is the data you would like to store.

  •                         POST /YOUR_KEY
    Creates a new value
    Creates or update (upsert) a value
    Updates an existing value
    Retrieves a given value
    Delete a value

Do you want to create an account, just issue the following command:

                curl -X POST
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{"email":"YOUR_EMAIL","name":"BUCKET_NAME"}'

You'll get a fresh API key you can use to call our services, for free (use it later in the "Authorization" HTTP header).

Get started in 10 seconds

No complex setup, no credit card required. Create an account, right from our API.

Do you want more?

Keyval is perfect for toy projects, and simple serverless applications, but it also supports more complex use cases. Check out our paid plans if you need more.

Key value pairs* Pricing
1000 Free forever
10 000 2€/month
100 000 9€/month
* This represents the amount of keys you can store in our key value database (each value should be maximum 64kB long)
Contact us to upgrade